In the world of hip-hop memorabilia, 2pac is one of the biggest names. Earlier this year a ring he wore in his final public appearance fetched a million dollar price tag at auction. Reports claimed that it was actually Drake who bought it. Fittingly, the rapper was spotted just a few days later sporting the ring. Last month, an autographed ticket from a San Francico show early in Pac’s career was also sold at auction. It fetched an impressive price tag of its own when it was eventually sold.

Now a new piece of 2pac memorabilia is up for auction and it’s an even more intimate item. A paper with the lyrics of Pac’s track “Throw Ya Handz Up” that’s handwritten by Shakur himself is currently up for auction. It features 16 lines of lyrics from the song and was originally a part of one of the rapper’s lyric books. “The song is one of Pac’s finest protest songs and wasn’t released until 1995 on the Pump Ya Fist inspired by the Black Panthers album,” the auction listing reads. “Handwritten lyrics to published songs from Tupac are scarce and some of the most coveted pieces of Tupac memorabilia in the hobby,” it concludes. Check out the page itself below.

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Handwritten 2pac Lyrics Being Auctioned Off

Much of the news surrounding 2pac recently has surrounded Keefe D. He’s the man who was arrested and charged with his murder last year. Keefe D has a long history of going on various shows and podcasts and discussing details of the case. Some of those details likely contributed to his eventual arrest.

His trial isn’t scheduled to start until later this year but new developments are already happening. Earlier this week, a retired cop claimed that Keefe D’s nephew bragged about and confessed to being responsible for 2pac’s murder. What do you think of a handwritten lyric sheet from 2pac being auctioned off? How much do you expect the piece to eventually sell for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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