Rising star 4batz is having a great week, musically. Fresh off the release of his single “act ii: date @ 8” remix featuring Drake, it’s now been announced that the artist just inked a lucrative deal with Drake’s OVO, as reported by Billboard. This agreement marks a significant milestone in the young artist’s career, signaling a promising collaboration between two powerhouse names in the industry. According to Billboard’s report, the deal between 4batz and OVO is a licensing agreement specifically tailored for an EP, at least for the time being. However, the potential for future collaborations and expansions is not ruled out, hinting at even greater things to come for the talented musician.

Since the release of his track “act ii: date @ 8” 4batz has garnered attention from multiple labels eager to sign him. Originally released through Vydia, the track gained considerable traction, drawing the interest of prominent figures like Drake. In fact, Drake himself just recently hopped on a remix of the song, further boosting its popularity. As 4batz embarks on this exciting journey with OVO, fans eagerly anticipate the release of his EP and the promising collaborations that lie ahead.

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4Batz Was In A Label War

The partnership between 4batz and OVO comes at a pivotal moment, as OVO has recently announced a collaboration with Todd Moscowitz’s Santa Anna Label Group, operating under the Sony Music umbrella. This strategic alliance opens up new avenues for distribution and marketing, amplifying the reach of OVO releases, including 4batz’s upcoming EP. Furthermore, in a recent interview with Billboard, 4batz shed light on the inspiration behind his viral track “act ii: date @ 8,” describing it as a track crafted specifically for the female audience.

In addition, he expressed his disapproval of the prevalent toxicity in contemporary R&B, emphasizing his upbringing’s values of respect and chivalry towards women. For 4batz, authenticity and sincerity in music are paramount, evident in his heartfelt lyrics and genuine expressions. Moreover, 4batz’s dedication to staying true to his roots and personal values resonates with fans, setting him apart in an industry often characterized by superficiality and gimmicks. By infusing his music with sincerity and authenticity, he not only entertains but also connects with listeners on a deeper level, fostering a genuine bond that transcends mere fandom.

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