GT'z International Networking Weekend

Started in 2015 the Annual GT’z International Networking Weekend is growing into a national standard in starter tours for developing artists and musicians. The program was created by the late great AD the General based out of New York. We travel from state to state and venue to venue in hopes of discovering that raw untapped market for musicians and potential entertainment moguls. 

We encourage you to visit www.gtzweekend.com to register for this year’s calendar of tours. Our service is a strong development program designed for managers to prepare their clients for a national and/or international fan base and to improve on stage presence and showmanship. Our team consists of industry insiders who have been involved in the music industry for over 15 years or better. 

T-QRON Interviews Crooked I

QRON and Crooked I

Forefather Entertainment took a trip to Atlanta and got a chance to run into Crooked I and a host of other Legendary MCs. Check out this interview along with others and let us know if we are on the right track. Our goal is to be a positive voice in the Hip-Hop community and spread knowledge about things happening in the world of music and entertainment. 

Forefather Modeling

LA Rev

Forefather Modeling is our bread and butter. We make no apologies for our need to feature gorgeous models. After the shoot the real work begins. Securing modeling contracts and our work search program to ge the ladies making real money off of their talent and beauty. Visit our modeling page and see if we have to offer what you need. Then register and start your journey as a professional model