In a recent interview with TMZ Hip Hop, Adam22, the figure behind “No Jumper,” weighed in on the controversy surrounding Drake’s leaked explicit video. He discussed his own role as a judge of male anatomy in the hip-hop world. Adam22 wasted no time in expressing his confidence that the viral video allegedly featuring Drake was indeed authentic. According to him, he had seen similar images months prior, shared by a mutual friend. Despite speculation that the leak was a publicity stunt, Adam asserted that Drake personally denied any involvement. Citing it as inconsistent with the image of his brand, OVO.

Speculating on the motives behind the leak, Adam22 suggested that Drake may have been targeted for blackmail, with the video released as retribution for a failed extortion attempt. However, he emphasized that Drake need not feel ashamed, giving the rapper’s anatomy a commendable “8/10” rating, just shy of the perfect score many adult film stars receive. Amidst discussions about Drake’s situation, Adam22 also addressed his relationship with his wife, Lena The Plug, and recent interactions with rapper NLE Choppa. While Adam praised NLE’s physical attributes, he expressed disapproval of the rapper’s advances towards Lena, emphasizing that she is not an object to be passed around casually.

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Adam22 Speaks To TMZ

The interview shed light on Adam22’s unique position within the hip-hop community, where he not only comments on music and culture but also delves into personal and sometimes controversial topics. By defending Drake and sharing insights into his own experiences, Adam22 provided a glimpse into the complexities of fame, privacy, and personal relationships in the modern entertainment industry.

As the conversation continues to reverberate online, Adam22’s remarks serve as a reminder of the blurred lines between public persona and private life in the age of social media and celebrity culture. Ultimately, his outspoken commentary adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue surrounding fame, intimacy, and personal boundaries in the realm of hip-hop. What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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