This just in: in a shocking turn of events, Playboi Carti seemingly chose to not follow up on a teased promise and has left fans waiting. Jokes aside, he shares responsibility for this disappointment this time around, because Adin Ross heavily hyped up a second livestream with the rapper despite fans’ skepticism. Folks likely remember that the first one, filmed for about ten minutes after one of Ye and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures listening events, ended in the Opium boss leaving abruptly and allegedly scamming the streamer out of $2 million with his shorter-than-expected appearance. Now, though, it seems like Ross finally accepted defeat and conceded that, despite his efforts, part two will probably not happen anytime soon.

“I don’t think Carti 2 is happening anymore,” Adin Ross said during his recent livestream this weekend. “I have a theory that Carti was just texting me to kind of just, like, keep me, like, in a position where, like, I’m not going be on his bad side, like, where I’m on the Internet talking cr*zy, if that makes sense. To get, like, the heat off his name type s**t. I think I got played.

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Adin Ross Has Little Faith In Stream #2 With Playboi Carti: Watch

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“But aye, bro, it is what it is,” Adin Ross continued. “‘Cause I was texting his phone, and he stopped answering me out of nowhere. Yeah, I have the footage, I have the warehouse footage. I’m about to just release it. I mean, once I get a confirmation that we’re not doing part two. Is that blackmail? I mean, dude, I kinda got scammed, so I mean, I’m blackmailing a f***ing scam. So you can’t blame me.”

Meanwhile, Ross actually dealt with some other contentious situations with rappers recently. However, in this instance, he was the one to mostly ignore the other side, although definitely not to the degree of “King Vamp.” YBN Nahmir wants to box the Kick affiliate, and he called the “Rubbin Off The Paint” spitter irrelevant and not worth his time, money, or attention. But his response already opened the floodgates for people to advocate for it for whatever reason. To find out if it ever manifests, log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Playboi Carti and Adin Ross.

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