Andre 3000 and Big Boi paved the way for many of today’s hip-hop superstars thanks to their tireless work together in OutKast. Of course, recent years have seen the pair turn their energy toward solo projects, though they remain supportive of each other in all that they do. During a new interview with High Snobiety, 3 Stacks revealed what his partner in rhyme thought of last year’s New Blue Sun flute album, along with some other interesting music updates.

“He was smiling. He was like, ‘Man… I played it for a lot of buddies, even my son. They were like, ‘It’s the real thing. It’s not a mimic.’ You really did this,’” Andre told the outlet of Big Boi. Elsewhere, the prolific creative played his work for other pals like Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean. “We’re all sitting there listening to it. I’m wondering what the young people’s opinions would be. And I’m so happy that what I’m hearing is really good feedback.”

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Andre 3000 Chats with High Snobiety About His Flute Album and Future Music


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When asked about the possibility of returning to writing rhymes, 3000 sounded hopeful. “I would love to make a rap album. I just think it’d be an awesome challenge to do a fire-a** album at 48 years old,” he noted. “That’s probably one of the hardest things to do! I would love to do that. That’s the cool thing about my whole ride; it really is a ride.”

Andre 3000 knew that not everyone who loves the rest of his discography would understand his vision for New Blue Sun. Still, the response has been positive enough for the OutKast member to take his instrumental LP out on tour over the past few weeks, and perform some of his songs on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in January. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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