Azealia Banks is one of the most outspoken people to ever grace the Internet, but she’s not always on the offensive online. Moreover, if you’ve been on social media today, you might have seen some alleged court documents spreading online supposedly showing that she was allegedly evicted from her Florida home for about $8K in unpaid rent. Apparently, the rapper said she didn’t pay rent due to a rat infestation and sued the homeowners for $50K for harassment. She then denied this rumor outright on social media, which posited that she had 72 hours to vacate the premises, and explained her side of the story.

“Ummm, this is a lie,” Azealia Banks shared on her Instagram Story on Friday (July 5), captioning a screenshot of a report on this eviction rumor from Pop Tingz on Twitter. “Lmao these Miami landlords be despeeeeraaaate. I’ve already moved CXO HQ to 7995 SW 154th Terrace, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. Lmao why do these tostones grease bathing white wannabes in Miami really think I’m gonna play with them? Pop Tingz better correct that s**t.

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Azealia Banks’ Response To Eviction Rumor

#AzealiaBanks wants to clear the record and says that she had already moved at the time this was filed.

She says the landlord is a lying drunk who owes her over $30,000 and has been “menacing” her since she lived there, also that they had taken pictures of her lingerie.

— HoneyTeaV (@H0neyTeaV) July 5, 2024

Screenshot via Instagram @azealiabanksforever page around 3:30PM EST

“You can search the public record… There is no eviction ordered by any court,” Azealia Banks continued.
“The landlord is a drunk with H.Pylori who has been menacing me the entire time I lived there. Sis had her husband come in the house under the guise of fixing some broken outlets TO TAKE PICTURE OF MY F***ING LINGERIE!!!!!! LIKE YEOOOOO. Sucks for them. Because they’re so broke they spent my depost. Owe me over $30K in repairs I had done because they’re too broke to do anything and now this? Lol did sis really try to reveal my personal address…… Well, way to up the ante. Because that was clear intent to cause injury.

“Sis accidentally texted me while having a yard sale saying she selling Hess trucks for $200 girls LOL,” Azealia Banks concluded. “Watch how I work this. You guys are gonna gag. These people have been f***ing with me the last two years I literally have not been able to concentrate. Sis calling me like we besties. Then she drink some wine and the worms in her stomach start wiggling then she cursing me out. I hired her daughter to work at CXO and she stole her daughter’s money. Like goodness sake. I have had it!!!!!!!”

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