Benny the Butcher has a lot of eyes on him. He’s one of the most respected New York rappers in the game at the moment. He’s also worked with multiple superstars. Yet somehow, Benny the Butcher was locked up for four days without the general public realizing. The rapper recounted his unexpected stay encounter in Gwinnett Country via Instagram. Even more unexpected, the experience turned out to be a wholly positive one.

Benny the Butcher was vague about the circumstances in which he was arrested. He didn’t want to delve into the specifics. “That’s the first time i ever made it on a unit in 11 years,” he said. “I had some bullsh*t probation hold.” The real heart of the story lies in time behind bars, however. The Griselda rapper stated that he encountered someone that he was actually able to help. “I met some brothers that I probably wouldn’t have been able to meet if i wasn’t in there,” he noted. I got to meet somebody and got the opportunity to help him with his lawyer. Somebody who i just met, ain’t even know him.”

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Benny The Butcher Helped One Of His Fellow Inmates

Benny the Butcher’s legal history has been well-documented. The rapper was arrested violating his parole shortly before the death of his brother in 2006. His past, coupled with the power that he’s been able to accrue as a rapper, resulted in a full circle moment. “I helped that n**ga, just out of nowhere,” he explained. “That’s the least I could do. Being back in there just opened my eyes up and showed me what’s still going on.” Benny noted that God works in mysterious ways.

He did clarify, however, that he didn’t help the unnamed man out so he could brag about it on social media. “I ain’t do that shit to get on here and tell y’all I did that sh*t,” he asserted. Rather, he did it because it made him feel like he was making a difference. “That sh*t just made me feel good in my soul,” he added. “I was able to do it because I’ve been in that position before. I just be trying to help strangers.” Benny’s parting words to viewers was to help one’s own self whenever possible. “Can’t nobody save you but your muthaf**kin’ self,” he explained. “But that person in the mirror, your own worst enemy.”

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