Most fans can probably agree that being a global superstar like Beyonce would be a pretty sweet setup. Even so, the songstress admits that she craves moments of normalcy, and the ability to operate like an average person. Bey has her ways of getting around her undeniable fame, however, and her go-to strategy is simpler than one might expect.

During a recent interview with CR Fashion Book, the Houston-born performer revealed that she leans on one humble piece in her wardrobe to get the anonymity she desires. “I enjoy consciously wearing the same black hoodie,” she shared. According to her, the quick trick works some of the time too, allowing her to seamlessly blend into the crowd. “On a good day, I can sneak into Target unnoticed,” she says.

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Beyonce Goes Undercover In A Simple Black Hoodie

While it’s pretty tough to imagine Beyonce sneaking anywhere unnoticed, fans can sympathize with her desire to do so, though they’re cracking plenty of jokes about the thought. “Her cr*zy a** fans about to harass everyone in black hoodie at target now,” one Instagram user jokes in the Hollywood Unlocked comments section. “Imagine shopping and being right near her n not even realizing,” another says.

Some users are expressing their doubts about Bey’s ability to blend in, claiming that they’d spot the singer in a heartbeat. “I’d know Beyonce and that hoodie when I see it,” one supporter insists. Someone else jokes that her entourage would give her away, even if she were undercover. “Beyonce even if you wear that hoodie to Target we still gonna see Julius big a** and know it’s you!” one commenter notes. What do you think of Beyonce revealing that she channels her inner average Joe with a black hoodie? Do you think you’d recognize her if you saw her out in public? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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