Danny Brown is one of the most unique rappers around so it’s no surprise that the crew he rolls with is full of just as interesting artists. His Bruiser Brigade group has a few underrated fan favorites, though few are as beloved as Bruiser Wolf. The rapper first debuted back in 2021 with his album Dope Game Stupid. The project emerged as a fan favorite quickly though it took Wolf a full three years to follow-it up. Last month, he released his highly anticipated second album My Story Got Stories. The project led off with the wild song “2 Bad” which features standout performances from Danny Brown and Zeelooperz.

Now, Wolf is following up his new album much quicker, though just with a new single. Earlier this week he unleased the new single “Brick Up.” The song is a bouncy display of his unique lyrical style and unmistakable vocal delivery. It’s actually adapted from his On The Radar Freestyle which dropped a few weeks ago. The video of his freestyle had already racked up more than 7k views before the song dropped as a single. Listen to “Brick Up” below.

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Bruiser Wolf’s Wordy New Single

Last year, Bruiser Wolf appeared on one of the most acclaimed rap albums of the year. Danny Brown dropped his new record Quaranta just a few months after the release of his JPEGMAFIA collab album Scaring The Hoes.

Bruiser Wolf teamed up with Danny on the fittingly narrative song “Y.B.P.” A few weeks after the release of the album the song got its own music video. The visuals were just as unique as the song showing off a stop-motion bank heist complete with animated versions of Wolf and Danny. What do you think of Bruiser Wolf’s new song? Do you hope he drops more material soon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Quotable Lyrics:
“I sold dimes, I sold 20s,
But sh*t I grabbed me some weights,
So I could make me some money”

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