In a recent late-February conversation with the 85 South Comedy Show, Bun B took a moment to praise his burger company Trill Burgers. The seasoned UGK member delved into his transition to becoming a restaurant owner and the liberation it has provided him in recent years. He said it opened doors that rap never opened for him. “A lot of people think this rap s–t is going to get you everywhere you want to go,” he said. “No, they want to know how you became successful. What is your skillset? What did you work hard and train to do? How does that transcribe into other spaces?”

Moreover, in a groundbreaking fusion of culture and cuisine, Bun B’s culinary venture into food has changed the game for him. Trill Burgers, a restaurant concept conceived by Bun B himself, isn’t just about serving up mouthwatering burgers. It’s about opening doors that traditional rap avenues couldn’t reach. Now, with Trill Burgers, he’s taking that ethos from the studio to the kitchen. Furthermore, he created a space where the essence of hip-hop culture is infused into every aspect of the dining experience.

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Bun B Is Grateful For The Opportunities

In addition, the rapper highlighted that his restaurant, initially launched through pop-up events before establishing a brick-and-mortar presence in June, gained momentum when he leveraged his network from the music industry to secure spots at major festivals. “That’s all I needed with this burger,” he said. “Was the opportunity to cut through all the bullshit and just put the burger in front of muthaf–kas and let them try the burger,” he said. “So I took the burger everywhere that I could go.”

However, Trill Burgers isn’t just a place to grab a quick bite. It’s a celebration of the intersection between food, music, and community. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re greeted with the sounds of classic hip-hop beats and the aroma of sizzling burgers on the grill. Bun B even had the opportunity to set up a stall at Rolling Loud. He details his thankfulness in the interview. Let us know what you think! Beyond the food, Trill Burgers is making a tangible impact on the community. Bun B is committed to giving back, whether it’s through hosting events that showcase local talent or partnering with organizations to address issues like food insecurity. In doing so, he’s proving that hip-hop isn’t just about flashy cars and expensive jewelry. It’s about uplifting those who have been marginalized and using your platform to enact positive change.

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