Cam Newton has broken his silence on his fight at a youth football event last weekend. “It was all just words but it became more than that. It started with words and it should have ended with words, but it didn’t,” Newton told the 4th & 1 podcast. This appeared to corroborate previous accounts of the fight, which framed the incident as trash talk that got out of hand. Furthermore, Newton placed the blame on himself, saying that he shouldn’t have let things get out of hand and he should have exercised more calmness in the moment.

The brawl occurred at a 7-on-7 event in Atlanta. Newton was reportedly identified by police because of his signature hat and hair. Earlier this week, it was reported that no one involved in the fight would be pressing charges. “Neither Mr. Newton or any of the other involved persons who remained on scene indicated that they required medical attention or wished to pursue criminal charges. The responding officers completed an information-only incident report to document what had occurred. At this time, it is unknown how or why the scuffle occurred,” a police statement read.

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Shannon Sharpe Reveals If He Thinks Cam Newton Will Return To The NFL

Elsewhere, Shannon Sharpe used an audience Q&A for 4th And 1 to reveal how he feels about Cam Newton, who was joining him on the show, wanting to be back in the NFL. Shannon’s point boiled down to one key factor – is Newton ready to sacrifice everything to back into the NFL? “You gotta train like Auburn Cam, when you didn’t have a cent. That’s the level you gotta train at that level. And that’s something that only Cam can answer.”

Unfortunately, for Cam, it appeared that he was not prepared to make that level of sacrifice. Instead, Newton tried to argue that he was allowed to have preferences and conditions about his return. Furthermore, he tried to mount the argument that his willingness to compromise on his role and expectations was an adequate replacement for sacrifice.

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