The story of Griselda Blanco finally found its way on Netflix recently, providing many with a glimpse into her drug empire. However, while the show aims to dramatize her life and journey to operating one of the biggest cocaine enterprises in America, it misses out on one key element: Charles Cosby. Though Netflix omitted his role in her story, Charles Cosby recently sat down with Vlad TV for an all-encompassing interview that details his time with Blanco, as well as the drug trade.

Cosby and Blanco first connected during her incarceration. Charles, who was half her age, began writing letters to her before they eventually formed a tight bond that extended to their personal lives and cocaine empire. Cosby explained that after he met Griselda, he would visit her three to four times a week. However, Cosby explained that Griselda would pay off the guards so he could sneak in to have sex with her. He estimated that she spent about $1500 for each visit over the course of 100 visits where they’d see each other. 

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Charles Cosby Details His Relationship With Griselda, Praises Her Son

Cosby explained that the first time they slept together, he went to the visiting center where he waited for her, though, she never came out. “A guard came and was like, ‘Follow me,’” he said, detailing how the female guard led him to a side room. “She opened the door and Griselda is lying across a cot and she was like semi-nude. So the guard told Griselda, ‘You guys have 15 minutes.’” When Vlad asked Cosby whether he slept with Griselda to help his drug business. “Griselda’s a beautiful woman, you know, a great kisser. She actually taught me how to kiss,” he said. “It was like having sex with a 21-year-old off the street so it was no different. P***y is p***y.”

From there, Cosby detailed meeting her son Michael Corleone, who stars in Cartel Crew, when he was 12 years old. The two ultimately formed a tight bond that left a lasting impression on Cosby over the years. “Michael, to this day, is the most intelligent 12-year-old kid I ever met in my life. Very articulate, respectful, cordial, and so, he liked me a lot. We just got a lot,” he said. From there, the two became close with Cosby often bringing Michael Corleone out to Oakland to hang out with him.

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