Chrisean Rock is someone who has never shied away from giving fans updates on her personal life. Even when things are going relatively poorly, Chrisean will hop on Live and talk to those who want to hear from her. Overall, this has proven to be a gift and a curse. However, she still has an audience, so that is certainly something to celebrate on her end. Well, on Friday morning, her fans tuned into her Live and were told a truly harrowing story about what went down in her driveway at 5 AM.

The story involves Bluface’s father, who lives with Rock right now. He went outside to get to his car as he needed to get to work. However, he couldn’t do such a thing because his tires had been slashed. Furthermore, there were two men waiting for him, with their guns drawn. They were trying to get inside of the home so they could rob it. As Blueface’s father explained, the two men ended up fleeing the scene. They did so after coming to the conclusion that Blueface’s dad didn’t have anything valuable on him.

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Chrisean Rock Breaks Down What Happened

Chrisean Rock continued her story by warning others about going to people’s homes and trying to rob them. As she explained, she now has armed security outside of her house. She has a baby to take care of, and she doesn’t want any intruders putting their safety at risk. Overall, it is an understandable position to have. No one wants to have their property stolen and they certainly don’t want to deal with the trauma of a break-in. Hopefully, Chrisean is able to get her security to a place where she feels comfortable, moving forward.

She Continues

You can find the continuation of her story, below. Let us know your thoughts on this situation, in the comments section. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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