The Neighborhood Talk has published a video that they allege shows model Yazmine Lopez vandalizing the car of Lakers backup center Christian Wood. Per the outlet, this incident led to the arrest of Lopez, leading the child she shares with Wood to end up in the care of Baddies East star Tee Kissen. The video seemingly corroborates Wood’s account that Lopez was in jail, as opposed to Kissen’s assertion that Lopez was simply having a “night out”. However, the video still doesn’t explain why Wood seemingly threatened to assault Kissen with a shovel when he came to collect his son from her home.

Kissen had previously called cap on the version of events presented by Wood’s sister. “No b-tch. I walked out my front door and went to Yasmine’s house with the baby so that when she got out of jail she could come straight home to her son because your brother threatened to take the baby from her and to never gave him back. When the police was at my house i wasn’t there. But when they contacted me i showed them on FaceTime that the baby was safe with Yasmine the primary parent. While he went up stairs to do god knows what i left out Yasmine’s house to get in the car as you harassed me on the sidewalk saying you know where i live and you wanted to beat me up. I got your threats on camera too babe ,” Kissen wrote.

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What Is Going On Between Tee Kissen & Christian Wood?

Kissen has accused Wood of threatening to beat her with a shovel during a dispute about the child he shares with her friend. “My friend wanted to go to dinner, so I babysit her son all the sudden this man shows up at my house, telling me to give him his son. I never met this man a day in my life. If fumble a family and fumble a contract was a person. I would never give my friend son to somebody I don’t know at 5 am in the morning. ESPECIALLY if they’re having a dispute. You gotta problem call the police and that’s exactly what he did. And then threaten my life after the police showed his son safe and sound with his baby mother. Came to the door with a shovel ready to beat my head in as so he said. Thank God the baby wasn’t there this man is dangerous and not fit to be a father. @lakers @jeaniebuss @chriswood_5 I WILL SEE U IN COURT,” Kissen wrote on Instagram.

Fans were split on how to feel about the situation, however. “I love you tee. But this is his biological father. He was under the impression you had his child. Just like you don’t “know” him he doesn’t “know you” I understand frustration and safety concerns on both sides. Next time decline to baby sit and stay out of your friends domestic affairs. Never a good look,” one fan wrote. “You did the right thing. If my friend told me to look after her kid, that means I’m the guardian until my friend says OTHERWISE,” countered another.

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