Coi Leray is someone who came into the game with a lot of haters. As the daughter of Benzino, many called her a nepo baby. However, it has been pretty obvious from the jump that Benzino has very little to do with her career. In fact, she has been successful in spite of him. Overall, she got a lot of flack when she first started out but over the past year, she has changed the narrative. She has gotten co-signs from the likes of Busta Rhymes, and it is clear that she has a bright future ahead.

Recently, Leray has been growing her fanbase thanks to her posts on Twitter and Instagram. Male fans are starting to fall in love with Coi. Her natural look has been considered as a breath of fresh air in a world filled with BBLs. Consequently, whenever Coi decides to post a sultry image or video, men flood to the comments. It has proven to be a good strategy in terms of attracting new listeners to her music. Well, recently, she came through with yet another video and a new sound.

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Coi Leray Is Back

In the clip, Coi Leray poses with a pink top and skirt. She posed in various different ways and did so with some new music playing in the background. The new music has a bit of a different sound than we are used to from Leray. There are some aggressive flows and you can tell that the beat is a bit harder. However, it was her looks that had everyone talking in the replies. Now, we wait for the song to drop.

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