A women’s cross-country ski race in Norway was derailed by drunken brawls among the spectators. The Oslo 50k, part of the FIS Cross Country World Cup, was taking place in and around Oslo’s famed Holmenkollen stadium. However, Norwegian outlets reported multiple fights breaking out among the spectators, with other fans vaulting the barriers and falling onto the course. 130 16-20-year-olds required medical assistance, according to the on-site Red Cross team.

Race winner Frida Karlsson said she didn’t notice the brawling but did hear loud booing as she reached the finish line. “It was certainly ungrateful. I just felt, ‘Can’t you just feel sorry for me, please?’ I wasn’t feeling so good towards the end,” she quipped. Karlsson is Swedish, a nation that has a longstanding rivalry with Norway. It’s Karlsson’s third win of the season, having won the 20k events in Obenhof and Canmore. Karlsson will close out her season with the 20k freestyle event in Falun on March 17. She is currently third in the overall standings.

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Cross-Country Skier Suffers Bizarre, NSFW Injury During Race

Of course, it’s not the only weird thing to happen this season in cross-country skiing. During one of the first races of the season in Finland, Calle Halfvarsson suffered a unique injury. Speaking with Swedish newspaper Expressen, Halfvarsson explained that he realized that his penis had frozen towards the end of the race. “I have frozen the muscle. For real. Damn, I had to lie in there for ten minutes to warm it up,” he explained. However, even more bizarrely, it’s not the first time that Halfvarsson’s penis has frozen during this exact race. “It’s lucky that I’m going to have my second child because this is going to be difficult in the future if I’m going to continue like this,” Halfvarsson joked. As for the sensation of your penis freezing, Halfvarsson described it as the “worst thing you can imagine”.

Furthermore, it’s not the first time that this has happened. During the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2022, Finnish skier Remi Lindholm suffered a frozen penis on the final day of events. It had been a rough go of things for the men’s 50km mass start freestyle. Bad weather saw the race delayed by an hour and then reduced to a 30km race. After finishing 28th, Lindholm was seen asking for a heat pack to help thaw out his penis. Apparently, it had frozen at some point during the race. Ironically, Lindholm has also suffered a frozen penis at Ruka, the same event where Halfvarsson suffered his.

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