DC Young Fly has put out a public request for the return of a bag taken from him earlier this week. According to Young Fly, the bag contains the death certificate of his late partner, Ms. Jacky Oh. While some people criticized Young Fly for keeping a document of that importance on his person, many others sympathized. The Instagram comments of news reports of YoungFly’s plea were full of people sharing stories of similar sentimental items they keep on their person.

Jacky Oh passed away while recovering from cosmetic surgery in May 2023. The 32-year-old was best known for her work on Wild N’ Out. Her death was met with a wave of love for both her and the partner and children she left behind. Baltimore Ravens star Odell Beckham Jr. tweeted his condolences when hearing of her passing.

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DC Young Fly Says God Has Granted Him “The Strength To Keep Going”

Young Fly has been praised for his resilience in the wake of Jacky’s death. Last year, he attributed that to his faith. “You know, God is the greatest. He has granted me the strength to keep going. I gotta take care of my babies. That’s the key to life. You gotta keep going, stay prayed up, and never let the tragedies and stuff you’re going through get you down. We healin’, we emotional. People wanna see my cry. I’m just not gonna record myself crying. Of course I’m gonna cry, I’m crying all the time. But I’d rather show positivity and let people know that God is the greatest. I wanna continue to show that God is keeping me uplifted and keep granting me the strength. That’s the message I wanna continue putting out in the world. Becuase there’s a lot of stuff out there and I don’t wanna desensitize what the enemy is doing. The enemy is still working but God is always greater,” Young Fly preached.

The TMZ reporter then coyly asked if Young Fly believes if Jacky’s death will deter people from undergoing the same procedures. “If they’re paying attention, it should. But you know, some people use people as lessons and and others just get on with their lives. But I just want people to take care of themselves. Make sure you make the best decision for you and your family. And always keep God first,” Young Fly continued before leaving.

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