Dee-1 and Rick Ross are diametrically opposed. The former is a Christian rapper who preaches morality in his music. Ross, well, does the opposite. He raps about cars, money, killing, and dealing. This is what led Dee-1 to call out the MMG in 2023. He challenged the rapper to set a better example for his audience and Ross responded by mocking him. Dee-1 had a wide opening to return the mockery when Rozay got jumped in Canada, but he took the high road.

The Christian rapper hopped on X (formerly Twitter) to air out the situation. He acknowledged that him and Rick Ross have had issues in the past. He did not, however, take the bait with regards to mockery. “Rick Ross got punched in the face,” Dee-1 wrote. “Some people want me to clown him because of our history, but nah… I’m genuinely wishing the best for him.” The Christian rapper then cited the incident as something that rap fans should strive to avoid. “I know we can do better,” he added. “Hopefully this leads to growth all around. The culture is on life support.”

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Dee-1 And Rick Ross Beefed Back In 2023

Rick Ross got punched in the face.

Some people want me to clown him because of our history, but nah…

i’m genuinely wishing the best for him.

Bc i know we can do better.
Hopefully this leads to growth all around.

“The culture” is on life support.

— Dee-1 (@Dee1music) July 1, 2024

This is not the first time Dee-1 has taken the high road. When Rick Ross combated his initial criticisms by making fun of Dee-1’s appearance, the latter refused to fire shots back. He actually went as far as to say him and Ross should sit down and have a conversation. “I love you and I hope you can choose the route we all know is best,” Dee-1 added. “Definitely down to talk more, because the public needs to see two talented, successful, imperfect black men have tough conversations.”

Rick Ross is not into the high road as of late. The rapper has had one beef after another in 2024. He took shots at Drake, at his baby mama, Tia Kemp, and at the two of them together. When Drake and Kemp got flirty via Instagram on July 1, Rozay responded by calling Drake a “pedo” and Kemp a “granny.” The only person Ross has seemingly avoided beef with has been The Game. The Compton icon mocked Rozay on Instagram and dropped a diss track called “Freeway’s Revenge.” No dice. Ross refused to take the bait and claimed that The Game was “starving” for attention.

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