Kid Cudi is someone who is a pioneer in the hip-hop world. Overall, he is one of the most influential artists of this generation. When you look at artists like Travis Scott, you have to give credit to Cudi. From his autotuned crooned vocal stylings to his rager aesthetic, the man helped usher in a whole wave of artists. However, there have been times when Cudi has not gotten the credit he deserves. This has subsequently led to some frustration, and understandably so. Whether or not its productive, is another story completely.

That said, there have been times when Cudi has said something that could be misconstrued amongst the fans. He has made it seem like he has beef with certain artists. Even if that might not be true, it has led to some exchanges on social media. One would just have to look at the Lupe Fiasco situation to understand exactly what we mean. Well, now, it seems as though Kid Cudi might have an issue with Childish Gambino. In the tweet below, a fan suggested that Cudi should work with Gambino, however, Cudi said “im cool.”

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Kid Cudi Puts His Foot Down

Im cool

— The Chosen One (@KiDCuDi) February 22, 2024

While this isn’t exactly an active diss, one could try to read between the lines here. Furthermore, the flippantness with which he said “im cool” shows that he truly isn’t interested in such a collab. In the replies to this tweet, fans were questioning whether or not a feud existed between the two. Of course, there were those who were hoping that this is not really the case. Either way, Cudi didn’t do a good job of making it seem like there is no issue here. Hopefully, a clarification is given to fans at some point.

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