Back in 1999, a shooting took place at a New York City nightclub following an alleged argument between Matthew “Scar” Allen and Diddy, forever changing the lives of three victims. One of them, Natania Reuben, survived a gunshot wound to the face. Shyne was later convicted of the shooting, and spent roughly a decade behind bars, while Diddy and his bodyguard were acquitted. Reuben has maintained, however, that Puff was allegedly the one who shot her.

During a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue, she discussed life after the tragic incident, accusing Diddy of putting a hit on her. She alleges that this left her with no choice but to leave Brooklyn, where she had spent her entire life. Reuben insists that this was a necessary step to take in order to protect herself.

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Natania Reuben Discusses Life After Nightclub Shooting

“I’m a Brooklyn girl; I was born and raised in Brooklyn,” she explained. “When the District Attorney’s office gets information from one of their confidential informant sources saying that there’s a bag on my head…I had businesses; I was a business owner. Why would I pick up and just leave everything I knew but for the fact that my life depended on it?” She went on to allege that Diddy also put a hit out on Scar, who died as a result of a separate shooting in 2011.

“Scar was on the run after a while because he learned that they had a bag on his head. He eventually got arrested and not too long after he got out of jail, they took him out,” Reuben alleged. AllHipHop reports that the shooting that claimed his life had nothing to do with Diddy. What do you think of Natania Reuben accusing Diddy of putting “a bag” on her head? What about her accusing him of having shot her at an NYC nightclub in 1999? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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