After deleting all the posts from his account, it seems like Diddy is starting fresh with his Instagram page amid his many accusations and lawsuits. Moreover, his first IG Story post after this wipe is a video of him boarding a private jet for Combs Air, and we have no idea where he’s flying from or where he’s flying to. Still, we have to imagine that Sean Combs is moving pretty carefully and deliberately these days, as he’s got a rocky public image to reckon with. Every sighting comes with its own angle, every statement comes with a lot of scrutiny, and every denial falls on more and more skeptical ears after the release of his Cassie assault video.

However, all the other allegations against Diddy remain just that: allegations that he and his legal team expressed confidence in being debunked by a court of law. Still, a new sex trafficking lawsuit against him from Adria English doesn’t make the narrative and the optics any easier to handle. Perhaps the Bad Boy mogul will continue to post on his Instagram account after his previous wipe, or this will be a rare one-and-done Story. Either way, folks will likely continue to find more ways to update themselves on his situation and his movement.

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Diddy Returns To Instagram

Diddy Boards Private Jet In First Post Since Scrubbing His Instagram | Click to read more

— TMZ (@TMZ) July 6, 2024

In addition, Diddy might face much larger issues in his path in the near future… at least, if new reports on a New York federal grand jury emerged with any shred of accuracy. Apparently, they opened a criminal investigation into him recently, a decision that authorities notified him and his legal team of. As such, we expect that camp to be partially aware of what’s going on, although they obviously don’t have all the details. Maybe a future statement or response of some kind will illuminate this situation with law enforcement.

Meanwhile, as Diddy tries to sell his $70 million mansion in Los Angeles, we begin to see what the future might hold for him. It will be a lot reallocation, a lot of divestment, and a huge overhaul of his assets, lifestyle, and place in pop culture. Whether or not he comes out on the other side of this in the clear, it’s hard to imagine how the world will react. Perhaps this Instagram return says more than we think…

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