The social media feud between DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill continues, and it allegedly went beyond that online space. Moreover, the media personality recently claimed while on livestream that the Philly MC sent police to his house as a result of their beef. In addition, while kicking it with Adin Ross on his own livestream, Ak expressed wishes to box Meek, as he’s calling him these days. For those unaware, this started because of the latter’s implicit mention in the latest sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy, which the former commented on. It’s also worth noting that these two have clashed a lot in the past.

“And tweeting out like you on my a**?” DJ Akademiks said of Meek Mill while speaking to his audience. “Like, of course police are gonna come to my house! N***a, the f**k is you doing? Gimme one second. Yo, Meek got the police at my house, gang. Hold up.” Then, Ak walked away from his set-up to address the issue, and fans still debated whether this was true or just for show. Admittedly, it does seem a little extreme for something fake, as that could involve its own legal repercussions.

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Meek Mill Accused Of Sending Police To DJ Akademiks’ House: Watch

DJ Akademiks alleges Meek Mill sent the police to Ak’s house following their beef on social media.

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) March 1, 2024

“I do pick and choose,” DJ Akademiks told Adin Ross and YourRage of the chances of beating Meek Mill in a boxing match. “Lil Baby, I think he for real. Meek, I just think, like… it’s Freak Mill! Like, you know what I mean? That n***a forearms is only good for the dildos he copping. He don’t got no hands, so let’s box! Why he don’t wanna box? Yo, he said he’d rather show up and pee on my steps instead of box me. That’s on real s**t. [He wants to] pull down his panties trying to pee on my steps. N***a, I might send my dog out there to bite off his p***y. I ain’t gon’ lie to you.

Ak Wants To Get In The Ring With Meek: Watch

Akademiks talks about Meek Mill boxing and calls him Freak Mill on Adin Ross’ stream.

— REELS ON DEMAND (@reelsondemand) March 1, 2024

“Blueface ain’t done no squabbles!” Ak said of other rappers that he could fight. “What you talking ’bout? N***a, Blueface ain’t ducking no squabbles, n***a. On schoolyard, the SYC, n***a. Meek Mill done 50 fades already. Wack wanna catch a fade. Yo, yo, by the way, you know what’s the cr*ziest part? I don’t know if y’all think [Saucy Santana] is physically threatening. Bro, if he wasn’t homosexual, of course I’d box him. I can’t be in a ring with a f***ing homosexual, my n***a. Like, no disrespect, I just can’t bro. Get a straight n***a!” For more news and the latest updates on Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks, come back to HNHH.

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