DJ Vlad, known for his candid interviews with hip-hop artists, recently made headlines after claiming that he was bitten by Boosie Badazz’s Cane Corso dog before their latest interview together. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday (March 1), Vlad shared details of the incident with his followers. In his tweet, Vlad revealed, “Boosie’s dog bit me before our interview yesterday.” Accompanying his statement was a photo of the dog in question. Which appeared to be Boosie’s beloved Cane Corso that he acquired in January of 2023.

Vlad doubled down on his claim shortly after. Reiterating, “Like I said earlier, Boosie’s dog bit me before our interview yesterday. Here’s a pic of the dog.” The photo provided by Vlad depicted the formidable stature of the Cane Corso breed. While Vlad’s revelation may have raised eyebrows and sparked concern, it seems that the interviewer has taken the incident in stride. Despite being bitten, Vlad indicated that he has no intention of pursuing legal action against Boosie or his dog. Instead, he lightened the mood by sharing a meme in the comments section. Featuring a humorous portrayal of an injured character from the iconic Friday film series.

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DJ Vlad Is Coming With Receipts

Like I said earlier, Boosie’s dog bit me before our interview yesterday. Here’s a pic of the dog.

— DJ Vlad (@djvlad) March 1, 2024

Moreover, the incident sheds light on the unpredictable nature of interviews and the unexpected obstacles that can arise. Even in professional settings. Vlad’s encounter with Boosie’s dog serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring safety measures, especially when dealing with animals. Furthermore, the incident has sparked discussions among fans and followers. Many expressing concern for Vlad’s well-being while others found humor in the situation. The image of the dog, shared by Vlad, has also garnered attention, with some users expressing admiration for the impressive physique of Boosie’s pet.

Furthermore, as for Boosie, he has yet to publicly address the incident or provide any clarification regarding the behavior of his Cane Corso during Vlad’s visit. However, given the rapper’s fondness for his canine companion, it’s likely that he will take steps to prevent such incidents in the future to ensure the safety of his guests. In conclusion, DJ Vlad’s claim of being bitten by Boosie’s Cane Corso dog adds an unexpected twist to their recent interview encounter. While the incident may have been alarming at the time, it appears that both parties are moving forward with a sense of humor and understanding, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability required in the world of entertainment.

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