A number of gossip outlets are alleging that Draya Michele was once the babysitter of Breah Hicks, the ex-girlfriend of NBA player Jalen Green. It is unclear what the original source of this information is, nor how accurate it is. Images of Hicks and Michele together appear on Hicks’ social media. The two appeared to be close on the modeling circuit. However, there is little evidence to back up the claim that Michele was her babysitter. Despite this, the claims are being used to further demonize Michele after she confirmed that she was pregnant with Green’s baby.

Michele has been under fire ever since people began to suspect she was pregnant. The hate towards the 39-year-old reality star dates back as far as January when the rumors first emerged. Commenters online have called Michele, who found fame on Basketball Wives, a “predator” given the 18-year age gap between her and the 21-year-old Green.

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Joe Budden Calls Draya Michele A “Predator”

The “predator” claims were taken up by public figures such as Joe Budden. “We’ve seen so many NBA stars lose their career, and everything, because of women like this,” Budden said. He also went after co-host MeLyssa Ford, who didn’t appear to have an issue with the relationship. “We don’t have twenty minutes to explain something to you that is right there in front of you,” Budden said dismissively.

However, fans were not quite as on board with Budden’s comments. “He loud about this but said he didn’t wanna speak on Diddy in no shape or form Joe hush ,” noted one fan. “Y’all don’t have this energy for Marques Houston tho ,” added another. Furthermore, many people pointed to Budden’s own past a source of hypocrisy. “Wasn’t Cyn Santana only like 4 years older than Jalen when Joe dated and impregnated her at 39?” asked a third commenter. Elsewhere, Ford had made a cogent point about why Green doesn’t appear to get a say in who he dates.

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