Floyd Mayweather has opened up about the positive relationship he has with NBA YoungBoy. “Me and NBA YoungBoy speak on a regular, speak on the daily. I’m very happy for his career, proud of him. And eventually, he’s gonna grow like anybody that’s young. When I was young, I visualized and seen things a certain way. But as you get older, you look at things totally different. We talk about investments and just growth. Buying land,” Mayweather told The Pivot Podcast.

Furthermore, it’s not the first time that Mayweather has spoken positively about the father of his grandchild. “I’m proud of him — a very, very talented young kid. One of the biggest artists as far as in music. He’s got a cult-like following. I look at him just like one of my sons. I only want the best for him. I don’t want him to have beef with anyone. These kids beefing nowadays and don’t even know what they beefing for. So much talent. See what happens to these young kids, they dying on the regular — Pop Smoke. Just so many young rappers and young entertainers, period. I feel like NBA YoungBoy went away for a while — I like to say went to college for a little bit — but he’s back and I’m proud of him,” Mayweather told the podcast in 2022.

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Floyd Mayweather Receives “Champion Of Israel” Award

Meanwhile, late last year, Mayweather received the “Champion of Israel” Award for his contribution to Israeli relief efforts following an incursion into southern Israel by Hamas on October 7. The award, presented to Mayweather at a ceremony in Miami, was backed by Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency service. The ceremony also served as a fundraising, with over $4 million reportedly raised to further Israeli relief efforts. Mayweather received the award from two close friends who have worked with him on his efforts to help Israel.

Mayweather’s primary contribution to the state of Israel was a supply drop made by his private jet. In mid-October, Mayweather’s jet brought 5000 lbs of supplies to Israel, carrying everything from food to flak jackets. Furthermore, Mayweather has been vocally supportive of Israel on social media and participated in several pro-Israel marches in the United States.

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