The Foolio shooting shocked the hip-hop world on June 23. The rapper was only 26 years old, and a burgeoning star in his native Florida. Police have yet to announce suspects in relation to the shooting, but TMZ has obtained surveillance footage of the fateful incident. The tragic shooting took place only two days after Foolio’s birthday and show him being approached by two men in a hotel parking lot. What follows is a chilling display of violence.

Foolio is never seen in the surveillance footage. He is either offscreen, or inside the vehicle in which his body was found. The angle of the camera shows a gunman approaching and then firing rounds. He fires on Foolio’s vehicle as it approaches him, and eventually crashes as it exits the parking lot. The shooter who is clearly seen in the video tails the car with weapon still in hand. The footage ends with the shooter in question walking out of frame. His face is not visible at any point. TMZ claims that there were multiple culprits, but the others are harder to spot in the background.

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Foolio Is Seen Fleeing The Scene After Being Shot

The shooting took place at 4:37 a.m. in Jacksonville, Florida. There were three other people in the car with Foolio at the time of the shooting, but all of them survived. The investigation into Foolio’s death has been overshadowed by the antics tied to it via social media. Footage of one of the alleged shooters was posted to Instagram on July 2, and Foolio’s account commented on it. It remains to be seen who is on the late rapper’s account, but the mysterious party wrote: “Demi God” in the comment section.

Foolio’s death was the third Jacksonville shooting to take place in one week. Sheriff T.K. Waters told Fox that there are no suspects, but the police is committed to bringing the shooters to justice. He also cited the diss tracks that have been made in the wake of these shootings. “It ain’t cool now. It’s over now, its over for (Jones), its permanent,” he noted. “Now we have to deal with the mess of cleaning it up.” T.K. Waters did not provide additional information, but he did assure locals that the investigation is already underway. “If it takes us following them one at a time, we will follow them one at a time,” he asserted.

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