Hitmaka was recently on The Morning Hustle Show and gave a pretty hot take about relationships that fans can’t help but give context for thanks to past incidents. In the comments and in the very caption of the Instagram post below, you can see that his view that successful men shouldn’t be with just one woman had folks linking it to his previous drama with Tink, although things seem to be all amicable now. Still, there was a lot of discussion over whether or not they were an item and why they had a falling out. Regardless of your take on that, it’s not easy to ignore it when listening to the producer and rapper’s thoughts on monogamy.

“No,” Hitmaka answered a question on The Morning Hustle Show about whether or not he has a girlfriend. He seemed perplexed at the interviewer’s inquiry as to what happened, which is when he addressed whether or not he and Tink were a thing and answered why he kept her on the down-low if they were actually romantically involved. “What? I don’t have a girlfriend. No, [we aren’t in a relationship], not at all. I am telling the truth. I don’t believe that one man, a successful man, should be with one woman. Of course. No, [we’re not back and forth]. I mean, in reality, like, we do work together, we do business together, so we have ups and downs. It’s a crazy relationship. But the reality of it is that we haven’t been intimate or been in that type of vibe for damn near a year now.”

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Hitmaka Drops A Hot Relationship Take While Talking About His Bond With Tink

It wasn’t really no issue with me or whatever, you know?” Hitmaka previously expressed regarding his since-resolved falling out with Tink. “Things happened, things transpired, she went to the Internet, said what she said. You know, I mean, it wasn’t nothing on my end, you know? It’s regular, and I got mad love and respect for her. I appreciate everything we did. It’s more embarrassing than anything to be out there and look like that. But, you know what I mean? I’m Yung Berg, Hitmaka, I done been out there. All my story’s out the closet so, s**t, you know, it is what it is.

Meanwhile, Maino is also calling cap on Hitmaka over their alleged scuffle, as Yung Berg denied that Maino slapped him. “Berg, why you even speaking about this issue?” he remarked. “We’re talking over 10 years [ago]. It’s not relevant. Why you taking time to make up these stories? All that’s cap. And that’s my issue. Why you even talking about this? Anytime I’m doing an interview [and] they mention that, I downplay it … I just seen him last year. I ain’t on nothing. We way past that. Why you even speaking about that?”

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