Ice Spice has dealt with haters throughout her entire career, and not even seeing them right up in their faces can make her fold under pressure. Moreover, she recently performed at Rolling Loud Europe in Vienna over the weekend, and was probably surprised when people started booing her and showing her thumbs down signs when she played her Taylor Swift collab, “Karma.” The Bronx femcee chose to simply blow a kiss in the displeased crowd’s direction as a reaction to all this, simply letting them know that she isn’t here for the hate. It’s a pretty innocuous and awkward moment overall, but one that she handled as quickly as she could have.

However, this isn’t the only reason why Ice Spice’s recent live shows have been the subject of some interesting, albeit ridiculously salacious, discussions online. For example, fans recently debated whether she’s tired of constantly twerking as part of her image based on her facial expressions while throwing it back during a recent set. We don’t know how a facial expression necessarily converts to annoyance, especially when it’s part of a planned performance and it’s been such a common part of the routine so far. Ritualistic fatigue is a very real thing, but to equate it to a dance seems a bit overboard.

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Ice Spice Blows Off Booing Fans At Rolling Loud Europe

Ice Spice blowing kisses at the Taylor Swift haters in the crowd

— Ice Spice World (@IceSpiceWorld) July 7, 2024

Nevertheless, we’re sure that Ice Spice will continue to defend “Karma” to either live crowds or Internet haters, as she built quite the close bond with Taylor Swift. They created a lot of big moments as of late, whether it was their sonic team-up or their outings with Travis Kelce and company. Either way, the Swifties are such a large group that we’re sure the “Princess Diana” MC will always have an army behind her. Still, many of them presumably and sadly don’t go to many rap festivals, so it will be hard for them to do so in a live setting.

Meanwhile, there are also some new dating rumors surrounding Ice Spice thanks to her multiple outings with Central Cee. With all this in mind, there seem to be endless angles to talk about when it comes to her current career moves, especially with the new album Y2K coming soon. So we’ll see what future concerts and festival sets look like, and whether “Karma” will make the setlist. Sometimes, it’s important to read the room.

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