YouTuber Jack Doherty and his bodyguard Kane Kongg are being sued by a man that Kongg was filmed punching at David Dobrik’s Halloween party last year. Chase Gardella is pursuing legal action against the two men in the wake of the video of the alleged assault going viral. Gardella’s suit states that he did not consent to be assaulted. This is Doherty attempting to set up a fight between himself and Gardella. Doherty has previously posted videos of himself fighting the likes of The Island Boys.

“This was a disgusting, unprovoked assault on a young man by a professional boxer at the direction of his social media influencer employer. Chase was minding his own business, enjoying a fun Halloween Party with friends when he was brutally attacked by a man several times larger than him. This sort of behavior by Jack Doherty and his cronies needs to end. Chase suffered serious injuries that could de-rail his life and career,” Gardella’s attorney told TMZ.

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What Did Jack Doherty Do At David Dobrik’s Halloween Party?

Jack Doherty is being sued for the viral clip of his body guard assaulting a random guy at a Halloween party

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— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) February 21, 2024

Corinna Kopf and several of her friends were eyewitnesses to a violent assault during a livestreamed Halloween party. During a confrontation with the bodyguard of Doherty, Kopf and others watched as Kongg punched Gardella in the face. It’s unclear what caused the confrontation but the video doesn’t the show the man doing anything that would provoke such a response. Kopf immediately went after the guard, yelling “What is wrong with you? Are you f-cking crazy?” as the security guard backed off. The bodyguard continued to be aggressive, yelling “Get out of my face n-gga. I will flatten you, b-tch” back at Kopf.

Doherty uploaded the clip to his own social media, promoting it as “My security just knocked out a guy live on my kick,” along with a link to his website. In a follow-up post, Doherty tried to justify his bodyguard’s actions. “Context: they were pressing us,” the content creator wrote. Furthermore, Doherty appeared to be the host of the party, having previously advertised that he was streaming with Blueface. “Sooooo unnecessary, punching someone for this conversation is wild. You punched a lawyer btw,” Kopf wrote on her own social media in response to the clip.

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