Jhene Aiko is catching some heat, but also some defense, online due to one of her most recent IG Stories. Moreover, she reposted the following message: “Careful! We quickly get used to most things and easily forget how amazing they are,” and soundtracked it with her song, “Eternal Sunshine.” However, some fans called the singer out because she seemed to shade Ariana Grande’s new album, which is also called eternal sunshine and that came out that same day she posted the message. As such, some thought that this was no coincidence and a deliberate attempt to undermine her current partner Big Sean’s ex-girlfriend.

Regardless, some fans didn’t really see this as a big deal for a couple of different reasons. First, there are the people that have their own issues with Ariana Grande and thus justify any attempt, assumption, or claim that paints her in a more negative light. Then, some fans think that Jhene Aiko could’ve just been a victim of coincidence here, as it’s not like “eternal sunshine” is a trademarked phrase. Also, she’s not really the type of artist to engage in that stuff too much, or at least it’s not a part of how she carries herself online. Perhaps more hardcore fans can confirm or deny this in the comments.

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Jhene Aiko Seems To Shade Ariana Grande On IG, Fans React

jhene aiko you will never be a girls girl pic.twitter.com/qox9CIZeNj

— c (@THELIGHTISARl) March 9, 2024

Meanwhile, there are some other and more pressing circumstances that Jhene Aiko’s probably worried about, which is another reason as to why this is probably innocuous. For example, she was reportedly hit with a lawsuit over a 2022 car crash for negligence. While this probably won’t be a big legal case or anything like that, it’s definitely something that takes precedence over attempting to start more drama online. For that reason, we wouldn’t be too pressed about a simple IG Story. Still, check out more reactions to it below.

More Reactions

jhene aiko u been had big sean and even had a baby with him and you’re still focused on shading my sis…? on her album release day AND international women’s day?? pic.twitter.com/VxbJvgmkHO

— ْ (@pinkgIimmer) March 8, 2024

they will never make me hate u jhene after u gave us this https://t.co/lkKAlU0d29 pic.twitter.com/hRKPsPX7rs

— (@makimaend) March 8, 2024

It’s the fact that Ariana is continuously trying to rebrand as this innocent white woman… when she is a serial home wrecker. Let’s not forget she slithered in when big Sean and Naya were engaged lol then again when he was with Jhene… then this other white man lol

— BrujaTalks Botánica (@Brujatalksbotan) March 9, 2024

i loved jhene but she’s mad weird for this NO ONE GAF pic.twitter.com/dYyaJWPJL7

— maya (@OBVIOUSBLOND) March 9, 2024

So … Jhene who made the song first, used that name first… is a loser for posting her own song & that somehow means she’s shading Ariana.. who named her album the same name as Jhene’s song.. am I confused??? Ariana secondly used it, after Jhene. But Jhene is the loser lol?? dumb https://t.co/mKadaFrU9f

— ana (@bleueyy) March 9, 2024

Ariana Grande too nice. I need her to shade Jhene Aiko ass real good. pic.twitter.com/bFAQsgH8gq

— LEX (@LEXMattels) March 8, 2024

Regardless, what do you think about this whole debacle and the parties involved? Do you agree with criticism of the pop singer or did the R&B star go a little bit too far with these supposed allusions? However you may feel, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. As always, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande, and Big Sean.

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