Joe Exotic is someone who became extremely famous online thanks to the Tiger King documentary on Netflix. By the time the documentary aired, Exotic was already in prison for attempting to put out a hit on Carole Baskin. Overall, Exotic is quite the character and he is quite shameless. Moreover, he has tried everything he possibly can to get out of prison. He even thought that Donald Trump would give him a pardon near the end of his Presidency. However, that simply never happened.

These days, Exotic can be seen posting and commenting on Instagram whenever he gets his 30 minutes of allotted screen time per day. Sometimes, he uses this time to get people’s attention in the hopes they will help him beat his case. However, on Wednesday, he was feeling a whole lot hornier than that. As you all know by now, Machine Gun Kelly debuted a new blackout tattoo that covers up his body. This subsequently led to Joe Exotic thirsting over him, saying “A tiger and a bit of meth and you would be mine. Lol.”

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Joe Exotic Speaks

Moreover, Exotic reposted MGK yet again, although this time he said “A tiger and a little bit of meth I can make MGK gay.” Needless to say, Exotic is enamored with Machine Gun Kelly right now. Whether or not this strategy actually works for him, however, remains to be seen. For now, it seems like the artist is happy with Megan Fox. Moreover, he has always identified as straight, so Exotic is going to be sorely disappointed. Whatever the case, the Tiger King subject is probably enjoying the extra attention today.

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