JPEGMAFIA recently performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival CDMX in México on Wednesday (March 6), and played an alternate version of the VULTURES 1 cut “FUK SUMN” that made fans in the crowd go ballistic. Moreover, it’s one of a few tracks that he helped produce for Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s collab album, along with the opener “STARS,” the dramatic and choral-inspired “BEG FORGIVENESS,” and the closer “KING.” This version is a bit darker and features Quavo on it, some ethereal high-pitched synths, and a slightly different structure and percussion mix. It’s a pretty solid and subtle reimagining, especially considering that we can only hear it through a live recording of it.

Furthermore, a lot of fans are wondering whether JPEGMAFIA will also help this duo out for the next installments of Vultures. However, at least at press time on VULTURES 2‘s previously scheduled release date, it doesn’t seem like this will manifest just yet. It’s March 8, and the album still isn’t out, although this is exactly what happened with the first installment of this supposed trilogy. Regardless, with some listening parties on the cards, we can’t imagine that this is an easy end to this tale.

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JPEGMAFIA’s Live Version Of “FUK SUMN”: Watch

JPEGMAFIA played an alternative version of ‘FUK SUMN’ (ft. Quavo & Playboi Carti) last night

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) March 7, 2024

Meanwhile, this is also pretty notable because it’s one of the first instances of Peggy acknowledging VULTURES 1 in a while. Last time, it was because of his smoke-searching with Freddie Gibbs, with whom he has a big problem and wanted to engage in beef with. While the Indiana MC responded to JPEGMAFIA in quite the unbothered and mocking way, this was still a really bizarre and unfortunate feud to witness. Maybe we’re projecting here, but their fanbase crossover is much larger than many other rap opponents out there.

Also, this continues the Baltimore creative’s staunch support of Ye, his idol, despite his far-right and antisemitic behavior. As someone who is very left-leaning in his music and interviews -– and literally made fun of not just Kanye despite his love of him, but also the black metal group whose designs the Chicago artist took inspiration from for this album rollout -– this disappointed a lot of die-hards. We’ll see how that develops over time. For more news and the latest updates on JPEGMAFIA and Vultures, log back into HNHH.

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