A judge has refused to dismiss the lawsuit filed against Dwight Howard last year. “My comment, at this time, is that we are glad the court denied Mr. Howard’s motion and look forward to proving our client’s case,” the attorney for Stephen Harper told ESPN. Harper is suing Howard after alleging sexual assault on the part of the former NBA player. However, in a win for Howard, the judge did seal an exhibit of allegedly embarrassing text messages.

Despite this ruling, the case remains in discovery and has no trial scheduled. “Justice will prevail and we fully trust in our justice system and the process. This order is a part of the process. We will engage in discovery and will further prove our case and when the time is right we will let our future pleadings speak for themselves,” one of Howard’s attorneys told ESPN. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

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What Is Dwight Howard Accused Of Doing?

Judge won’t dismiss suit against Dwight Howard https://t.co/B5Jksz1p4k

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Howard has been accused of sexually assaulting a man at his home. Howard has formally denied sexually assaulting model Stephen Harper. However, he did not deny inviting Harper to his home for a threesome, which allegedly involved a cross-dresser named Kitty. Furthermore, Harper alleges that he was forced to perform sexual acts on Howard and that Howard performed non-consensual acts on him after he objected to participating in the activity.

Furthermore, allegations of Howard’s predatory behavior have been corroborated in the months following the Harper’s lawsuit. “He goes to sex parties and preys on younger men. That is why he originally why he threatened, forced, and tried to intimidate me into signing a NDA,” influencer and author Masin Elije wrote on social media. Additionally, Elije claimed that they had also been harassed by “Kitty” in 2018. It is believed that is the same cross-dresser that Howard used in an attempted threesome with Harper. Harper did not respond to Elije’s claims at the time.

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