Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign promised fans three distinct versions of Vultures. The first version came out last month, and overall, it was well-received by Ye’s biggest fans. However, from a critical standpoint, it got a ton of mixed reviews. Some found it to be focused and persistent, while others believed to be an undercooked mix. Well, on Friday, Ye was supposed to deliver Vultures 2. Throughout the week, there were very few updates on the album, and fans predicted that he would not release it.

On Friday, those predictions ultimately came true. At midnight, fans rushed to Spotify and Apple Music to see if the album had made its way to streaming services. Of course, it hadn’t. This led to a ton of reactions on social media, with many lamenting their own stupidity for trusting Ye with dropping an album on time. However, according to NFR Podcast, Ye is aware of the disappointment. In fact, he tried to soften the blow by saying he and and Ty Dolla Sign are currently “in the lab.”

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Kanye West Speaks


“We in the lab” pic.twitter.com/qTTwxRGkas

— NFR Podcast (@nfr_podcast) March 8, 2024

This means the album is in the midst of being worked on. However, it remains to be seen what that means for the actual release date. It could come out next week in time for his Rolling Loud performance. Or, it could very well take another few weeks to a month. At this point, no one really knows. Ye changes his mind on a dime, and that is something that has remained consistent throughout his entire career. With Vultures 3 slotted for an April 5th release, you can expect a delay to that project, as well.

Fans Are Angry

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Kanye West did not drop Vultures 2 pic.twitter.com/Sv9MXaKmQS

— jotman (@jotmanjotman) March 8, 2024

“Kayne when are you dropping Vultures 2?”

Ye: pic.twitter.com/dQtj0iFZoE

— chub (@Chubcantmiss) March 8, 2024

Kanye West fans after thinking he would drop Vultures 2 tonight: pic.twitter.com/AEtLP9Tdsy

— jay ➠ (@flvckojamie) March 8, 2024

Kanye fans tryna find out when Vultures 2 is coming out pic.twitter.com/tkoTVZOYwQ

— CIGGY✯ (@Ciggymadeit) March 8, 2024

Kanye West didn’t drop Vultures 2 tonight pic.twitter.com/H67GR8Oufz

— ` zeeko (@zeekodatjit) March 8, 2024

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