Kanye West is easily one of the biggest names when it comes to the sneaker world. Overall, he built his empire with Adidas, at least for the most part. Although he started off with Nike, it was Adidas that led to his largest run of prosperity. Now, however, he is on his own again and it has taken him a while to get the Yeezy brand back on its feet. With his Vultures rollout still ongoing, Ye has gotten back into the sneaker world. The Yeezy Pod is his new creation, and it resembles a sock more than anything else.

After selling the shoe for a staggering $200 USD, Ye decided to change course and sell the shoe for $20. That is a 90 percent reduction from the original price. Furthermore, this is a new strategy for Ye as it pertains to his entire streetwear empire. He has been selling all of his items for the low price of $20. However, as you can imagine, this has affected his margins quite substantially. According to the Twitter aggregator Kurrco, Ye is currently taking a $17 loss on every Yeezy Pod sale.

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Kanye West Is Doing It For The People

Kanye West is reportedly taking a $17 loss on each Yeezy Pod just to be able to sell them for $20 pic.twitter.com/bOhO4M6VGk

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) February 23, 2024

The cost to make these, as well as the shipping and handling, comes to about $37. When you do some simple math, it becomes clear as to what the math is. For now, this seems like the cost of doing business from a marketing perspective. With all of his shoes going for $20, he is getting an increase in sales. People are now curious about his Yeezy brand again, and once he starts selling things at a normal price, he will have a consumer base. Only time will tell whether or not he changes his prices anytime soon. Once he bleeds enough money, he will likely have no choice.

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