Keith Lee has been making plenty of headlines since his appearance at the BET Awards this weekend, largely due to a viral mix-up. Host Taraji P. Henson mistook another influencer for him as she made her way through the crowd giving people their flowers. He later made clear that he didn’t appreciate the mistake. In a TikTok, the food reviewer explained that he doesn’t hold it against Henson, but does hold it against the event’s production team.

Henson later responded to his complaints, claiming that he had been in a different seat than he was previously assigned, which is what prompted the confusion. She also said that his “ego is hurt,” suggesting that he’s making a bigger deal out of the mishap than necessary. “Life really is too short for this behavior,” she wrote. “He wasn’t in his seat [shrug emoji].”

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Man Approaches Keith Lee To Call Him DDG

Now, however, it appears as though one troll decided to poke fun at the viral drama by mixing Lee up with yet another person. In a new clip making its rounds online, he’s seen walking with his team when a man approaches him and starts calling him DDG. “Don’t do that,” Lee said repeatedly as a security guard grabbed him. The incident has sparked mixed reactions among social media users in The Neighborhood Talk‘s comments section.

Some see it as nothing but an innocent joke. Others think the man should have respected Lee’s boundaries, particularly considering all that he’s already been through this week. What do you think of a troll pretending to think Keith Lee was DDG after his BET Awards mix-up? Do you think he went too far, or was it an innocent joke? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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