Recently, Kid Cudi got an accidental shoutout from Irish actor Cillian Murphy, and admittedly, it took even him a minute to notice. Murphy sat down with People Magazine for a TikTok alongside his Oppenheimer co-stars Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr. earlier this week, where they read Tweets about the film from fans. Coincidentally, one of the Tweets Murphy read was by Kid Cudi, who was looking forward to watching the blockbuster on the Apple Vision Pro.

“Vision Pro is [five fire emojis] gotta watch Oppenheimer on this baby [pained face emoji],” his Tweet reads. Blunt and Murphy were stumped by the mention of the device. Luckily, Downey Jr. promptly filled them in. They all then agreed that the viewing experience would be pretty cool.

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Cillian Murphy Accidentally Gives Kid Cudi A Shoutout


Changing our ringtone to #CillianMurphy saying “fire fire fire fire!” #RobertDowneyJr #EmilyBlunt #Oppenheimer #Oscars #FilmTok

♬ Funny – D’PROJECT

Of course, countless fans were quick to point out that Kid Cudi wrote the Tweet, though the stars themselves didn’t seem to notice. The artist later caught wind of the unexpected moment, sharing his reaction in response to another X user. “Cillian reading a kid cudi tweet just made my day, i love them! [crying emoji, heart emoji] and the way he reads out each emoji [crying laughter emoji, fire emoji],” the fan wrote.

“Hell naw hahahaha [five crying emojis] this is so dope. We love Cillian over here all day!!” he replied, noting that he had already seen the clip. “The funny thing is i saw that video earlier and didnt even notice my name in the tweet or that I even said that. I was just thinkin ‘yea that would be cool to watch that movie on the vision pro’ haha [palm on face emoji].” What do you think of Cillian Murphy reading Kid Cudi’s Oppenheimer Tweet in People‘s TikTok? What about Kid Cudi’s reaction to the fun moment? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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