Despite being one of the biggest celebrities on Earth, or perhaps because of it, Kylie Jenner has had her fair share of controversies. This time it’s spawning from her fashion line Khy, which has been controversial in the past. Jenner has been accused of stealing designs before, but this may be the biggest instance yet. Jessica Johansen, who has a fashion line of the same name, took to social media following a recent Khy release. In multiple posts, she essentially accuses Jenner of ripping off her entire collection.

“I’ve had Johansen for like 10 years now…we launched a collection so similar to the one she just launched but we launched ours three or four years ago and its been our signature range ever since…we’ve dressed Kylie before so I just thought it was old stuff. But I’ve been getting so many DM’s I started looking into it…I was shocked,” Johnson said in one of her posts. She included several side-by-side comparisons of her own pieces with why Khy recently released. Many of the fans in the comments agree with her that the similarities are striking. Check out one of the videos she shared below.

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Kylie Jenner Called Out For Copying Fashion Line

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Earlier this month, news broke that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were lowering the price for their mansion after it hadn’t sold yet. They dropped the price down from nearly $22 million to just under $18 million with a new realtor in an attempt to move their Beverly Hills mansion.

Earlier this year Kylie Jenner went viral for a photo where some fans found her looking unrecognizable. Critics in her comments blamed the supposed change on long term use of facial fillers, though there’s no real evidence that that’s what’s going on, or even that she looks all that different in the first place. What do you think of Kylie Jenner being called out for allegedly stealing fashion designs once again? Do you think her designs are too similar to Jessica Johansen’s? Let us know in the comment section below.

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