Lizzo has never been a stranger to expressing her opinions on the internet, and recently, she decided to weigh in on non-African American people using AAVE (African American Vernacular English). According to her, it can have some serious consequences, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. She explains that while certain terms have risen to popularity online, they’ve been used by the African American community for years, and should be reserved for those who created them. The hitmaker responded to a TikTok of a woman joking about being annoyed by the overuse of the term “type sh*t” by potential romantic partners.

“Why don’t we bring back gatekeeping?” Lizzo begins. “So that AAVE is reserved for the people who created it and grew up speaking it. So that all these people that are now talking like Black people because they read words on the internet and don’t know the origin and don’t participate in the culture don’t overuse it and then things like this happen.”

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Lizzo Thinks “Gatekeeping” Should Be Brought Back

“Because ‘ganglish’ is definitely the new ‘thug,’” Lizzo continues. “When police would call someone a ‘thug’ but it’s really a Black person, which is the new hard R N-word. I know so many people who have said ‘type sh*t type sh*t’ their entire lives. I’ve heard them talk like that for years before it became trendy on the internet to say that. But maybe if these internet people get sick of it, we can just continue to use our dialect in peace… Type sh*t.”

While some social media users are dissing Lizzo for getting “too offended,” others agree with her. Do you? What do you think of her claims that non-African Americans using AAVE could have serious consequences? What about her calling for “gatekeeping” to be brought back? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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