Last month, a bizarre story emerged from the Young Thug YSL trial. Both the audio and video from a call between Thug and his girlfriend Mariah The Scientist leaked online. Obviously not expecting the call to be recorded and leaked publicly the pair were very flirtatious, something that fans actually turned into a bit of a meme in the weeks following. Some other big names in rap like Drake and Meek Mill publicly lashed out against both the judge in the case and the jail itself for the video getting out. Meek even claimed that Thug might have some kind of cause to sue for the incident.

During a recent Mariah The Scientist show a fan brought the leaked video back up. During a quieter moment between songs a fan filming her calls out on of the lines Mariah says in the leaked clip. Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem too bothered by it and even leans into the joke. She concludes the moment by once again assuring fans that the video was leaked without her consent. “Y’all wasn’t supposed to see that sh*t” she reminds the audience. Check out the full video of the interaction below.

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Mariah The Scientist Leans Into Leaked Jail Call Meme

In the comments, some fans think her willingness to be in on the joke has some potential. “She need to capitalize off this. Get shirts and stuff made with Daddy, am I your baby on it” one of the top comments on a post sharing the new video reads. “She might as well get some shirts made and capitalize off of it” another nearly identical comment agrees. The peak virality of the meme has clearly died down. But that hasn’t lessened the interest of her biggest fans in the leaked video.

What do you think of Mariah The Scientist’s response to having her own words from a leaked jail call quoted to her at a show? Do you think she should lean into some of the more viral elements of the video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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