Ma$e took aim at the NBA on It Is What It Is this week while discussing LeBron James surpassing 40,000 career points. “I think the 40,000 points is a remarkable feat. I just think it’s a cupcake league for real. I think in this league, today, if I was in top shape, I probably could average about 15-16. I’m just keeping it real. When I didn’t make it in my generation, I felt like it was a few n-ggas that was probably better than me. This generation, I feel like I could play with these n-ggas,” the rapper boasted. Neither Ma$e nor Cam’ron survived even college ball, let alone being a consideration for the NBA.

Averaging 15-16 points a game in the modern NBA is no easy feat, despite what Ma$e thinks. That range puts a player in the top 80 scorers in the league this season, somewhere between Immanuel Quickley (16.1) and Bennedict Mathurin (14.5). Jaden Ivey is 77th in scoring this season with an average of 15.1.

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Mase & Cam’ron Find Dwyane Wade’s Painted Nails Hilarious

Of course, one of Ma$e’s favorite things to do on It Is What It Is is to poke fun at the NBA. Back in January, Ma$e and Cam’ron continued their crusade to uphold the gender binary . The pair laughed at Dwyane Wade’s painted nails so hard that they cried. Wade had painted his nails in the Heat’s signature colors as he attended a Hall of Fame ceremony and statue unveiling in Miami. However, this mundane act was enough to reduce the pair of 40-somethings to fits of tearful laughter. Ignoring Treasure Wilson’s reasoning that plenty of male celebrities now paint their nails, the rap duo went as far as to nonsensically compare Wade’s actions to “Michael Jordan modeling lingerie”.

However, there is just a little bit of hypocrisy going on from the pair. After all, Cam’ron himself has previously gotten very upset when people have implied he is “gay” because he famously wears pink. “You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink’? Bring your mother around, n-gga. See if she gives a f-ck, n-gga. See if your mom gives a whole f-ck, n-gga. I’ll tell her how gay I am. I’ll f-ck her in the pink mink,” Cam’ron said on a July 2023 episode of It Is What It Is.

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