Matt Rife is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against fellow comedian Nima Yamini. TMZ has reported that Rife and his team are exploring the best legal avenue going forward after Yamini posted a video claiming to have witness Rife provide oral sex to Hollywood execs in exchange for fame. Rife would likely be filing a defamation suit against Yamini and is reportedly “sick of people using his name for clout.”

However, Rife is far from a man with an unblemished social record. In December, a few weeks after Rife was embroiled in drama about a domestic violence joke, Rife began a bizarre feud with a six-year-old on TikTok. Rife told the child that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and that the child’s mother buys his presents with her “OnlyFans profits”. The interaction came after the child stitched a clip of Rife saying Jupiter has a ring in order to tell him that Saturn is the planet better known for its rings. Rife ranted at the child in the comments, making the statements that have now landed him back in hot water. Most people see the feud as Rife once again punching down for no apparent reason.

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What Did Nima Yamini Say About Matt Rife?

Nima Yamini with a ridiculous Matt Rife story.

— JUMBLE BAG (@JumbleBag) March 7, 2024

All this stems from a video posted earlier this week by Yamini. Yamini claims to have been in a meeting with “two Hollywood execs” along with Rife in which the Hollywood execs demanded oral sex in exchange for making the two men famous. Yamini claims that he left in disgust but that Rife was “already sucking both d-cks simultaneously before I even left the room.” The story quickly went viral, particularly finding traction amongst right-wing conspiracy theorists like Dom Lucre.

However, most of the internet called cap on the story. First, Yamini has an online reputation for satire and exaggerated comedy, meaning that the story is most likely fake. Furthermore, many people questioned why Yamini would name Rife but not the Hollywood execs. Additionally, the age gap between Yamini and Rife would likely make Rife a teenager in the story. This would imply that Yamini didn’t intervene when seeing a teenager being pressured into sex. Finally, the story almost perfectly fits the longstanding right-wing conspiracy theory about Hollywood being full of gay liberal sex fiends. Rife is yet to respond to the “allegations”.

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