Meek Mill apparently has some new music on the way soon. The collection of tracks is called HEATHENISM and he made the announcement on Instagram earlier today. It’s unclear how many songs he’s dropping but he did reveal that he has complete ownership of all of them. “HEATHENISM PACK drop tomorrow fully owned by me!!!!!!! All music owned by me!!!!!! 10 comments and it drop early!!!!” he captioned the post. He certainly didn’t have any trouble making it to 10 comments though.

Fans rushed to the comment section of the post to seek out an explanation from Meek. They were looking for him to comment on recent rumors connecting his name to a recent lawsuit filed against Diddy by a former producer. The suit claims that he was told Diddy had sexual relations with musicians like Stevie J, Usher, and even Meek Mill. Though they weren’t named directly fans were quickly able to put the pieces together on who the suit was talking about. As you’d expect most of the comments on the post have more to do with the rumors than the new music. Check out the full announcement post and fan reactions to it below.

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Meek Mill’s New Project Announcement Comes At A Bad Time

“N*gga had all this time to drop music and chose now” one of the top comments on the post jokes. Elsewhere others are just looking for an explanation from the rapper. “Nah where them Twitter fingers at b lol we need answers lol” and “I’m sayin meek, them boys lyin ?” two other comments read. Meek did respond to the situation on Twitter but skirted actually addressing the allegations directly. Instead, he took aim at DJ AKADEMIKS for being the one to bring up the accusations publicly during a stream where he looked through the lawsuit.

What do you think of Meek Mill announcing new music right after rumors came out linking him to the Diddy lawsuit? Do you think he’s trying to distract fans from the accusations made against him in the suit? Let us know in the comment section below.

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