N3on was briefly in a recent traffic stop near Universal Studios. While streaming his trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, N3on and his crew were pulled over by the LAPD. Tensions flared between the streamer and the police. In the end, it turned out to be a clerical error. N3on had been traveling in a recently stolen car that had been subsequently recovered by the LAPD. However, the car’s status had not been updated in the LAPD database, meaning that it came up as stolen to the arresting officers.

However, the streamer didn’t get off completely scot-free. The young streamer was warned about the conduct of his security team and entourage. The attending officers told N3on that his team had “made things worse” through their confrontational behavior and that everyone needed to be a little more chill if things like this happened again in the future.

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N3on Is A “B*tch” And Has A “Racist Aura,” Hyperpop Daily Tells Adam22

However, the LAPD are not the only ones who aren’t the biggest fans of N3on. Hyperpop Daily, an underground music reporter and SoundCloud lore historian, took aim at the streamer during an interview on No Jumper. At one point in the interview, Hyperpop called him a “b-tch.” Furthermore, he also claimed that the incident in which N3on was reportedly jumped was fake. Furthermore, Hyperpop claimed that N3on had a “racist aura.” Additionally, he noted that the steramer marketed his content to a fanbase of “little racist white kids”.

Additionally, Hyperpop also referred to him as an “Adin Ross glazer” and attributed his “racist aura” to being part of his attempt to emulate Ross’ style and beliefs. Overall, Hyperpop dismissed the streamer as merely an imitation of Ross, whom he also did not speak of very highly. Adam22 made little attempt to defend N3on, despite being seemingly close with him at the streamer’s birthday party. Are you a fan of the streamer? Let us know in the comments.

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