One of the funniest viral trends sweeping through TikTok recently targets parents. The challenge is built around them leaving the room with the promise that their kids can say one bad word while they’re gone. Rappers have already gotten a hold of the trans with a variety of different results. NBA Youngboy’s son got to try the challenge and unloaded more than one bad word. His mother hilarious reacted that he “did too much” when she came back into the room. By comparison, XXXTENTACION’s son skipped on the opportunity to say any bad words at all.

Now, NLE Choppa is the newest rapper to do the challenge. He set it up with his daughter and she did take the chance to say a bad word, but she did it in perhaps the most charming and polite way possible. Fans in the comments couldn’t help but note just how adorable Choppa’s daughter is in the video. “She’s so polite” and “I done awwwww she said it so politely” two of the top comments on the post note. Check out the adorable new video and the fan reactions to it below.

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NLE Choppa’s One Bad Word Challenge

Last month, NLE Choppa threw his weight behind a strange rap beef. Yasiin Bey appeared on a podcast and described Drake’s music as being closer to pop than rap because you hear it played in stores while shopping. Choppa came to Drake’s defense in the beef and stood up for his rap cred.

Earlier this year, Choppa teamed up with DJ BOOKER for a new collaborative project. The Chosen Ones is just seven tracks long but spawned a few hit songs with tracks like “MEM” and “Purge On Em.” It’s following up his new album Cottonwood 2 which dropped last year. What do you think of NLE Choppa’s daughter doing the one bad word challenge? Which rapper’s version of the video do you think has been the funniest so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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