Playboi Carti fans are nothing if not patient. The rollout for his last album, Whole Lotta Red, was one of the longest and most protracted in recent memory. The rollout for his next album has been more of the same. That being said, a release date might be in site. Playboi Carti performed at Splash! Festival on July 5th, and he surprised everyone by addressing the album delay. Not only that, but he made a promise to fans they will get to hear it soon.

Carti is known for his aggressive stage presence. It made sense, then, that he dropped his bombshell news while screaming at the top of his lungs. “I promise you,” he told the fans. “The album is coming.” The rapper didn’t stop there. “So it’s only right,” he explained. “That I come here tonight and give you a world premiere.” He then decided to treat fans to the first full performance of the song “All Red,” which is expected to be on the untitled album. Playboi Carti has given fans lots of reason to be hopeful for a new album soon, with all the teasers and snippets. That being said, this is the most encouraging piece of info shared yet.

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Playboi Carti Premiered The Song “All Red” At Splash! Festival

Playboi Carti performing ‘All Red’ at Splash! Festival

“I promise you the album is coming”

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) July 5, 2024

Cardo, who has collaborated with Playboi Carti for years, talked about the album’s lengthy making during a recent interview. The producer claimed he was traveling to Atlanta to put the finishing touches on the album. He also revealed that he’s been working on the album for four years, which is even before Carti announced it. Playboi Carti is obviously not a rush. In November, the rapper told Numéro Berlin that he spent three months in a cave. He claimed he wanted to see what the acoustics of a cave would sound like on record.

“I really try to stay out my head,” Playboi Carti told the outlet. “I try to stay out my phone and I just try to lock in. I’m in my surroundings. I’ve been recording in Paris. I love Paris. I was recording in a cave for like three months and all the music that came out of that is just chaotic and crazy.” It’s safe to assume sonic experiments like this are what has led to the album’s delay. That being said, the aforementioned leaks suggest that the wait will be worth it.

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