RAP Ferreira recently faced domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault allegations from his ex-girlfriend, Chloe “Mekah” Stingley. In a video posted to his Instagram account, the rapper addressed these claims and, long story short, denied any wrongdoing in his remarks. First, he clarified that his legal team gave him the all-clear to speak on “private matters made public,” and apologized for the time in between these accusations and his response. Ferreira addressed a “legal battle” for his daughter with Stingley, someone whom he said he’s known for eight years and that he’s helped through incidents with some “violent men.”

Furthermore, R.A.P. Ferreira also claimed he paid $20,000 for a lawyer so Stingley could get custody of her son from another allegedly abusive partner, who is now in a county holding facility for stalking, domestic abuse, battery, sexual assault, and more. He said she moved to Tennessee and that he never lived at that home, and said that Stingley cut contact with him after he had a child with another partner. In addition, the First Fist To Make Contact When We Dap MC said he was never in a monogamous relationship with Stingley, and that he sought legal help to connect with his daughter again while prioritizing her safety.

RAP Ferreira’s Response To Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations

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R.A.P. Ferreira also claimed that the DCS report Stingley referred to about his alleged abuse of her son is facetious after a police investigation. Then, he claimed that Stingley partied at the time when they planned to meet to exchange their daughter, and that her attorney notified his of her claims that Ferreira sexually abused one of her children. He also added that state officials reportedly removed their daughter from Stingley’s care and is now with him. After this anecdote, Ferreira denied sexually assaulting anyone and said he never physically assaulted a woman or child.

“[R.A.P. Ferreira] physically assaulted my 7 year old at his record store, Soulfolks Records, used a deadly weapon against him and also sexually assaulted me,” Stingley alleged. “We lived in Nashville for a few months and fled in November of 2023 because of fear of bodily harm and death… I desire for Miel [their daughter] to keep a relationship with her father but not to the detriment of the health, safety and well being of myself or my children.”

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