Sesame Street is an iconic kids’ show, and over the years, many R&B singers have made guest appearances. The educational series premiered decades ago, in 1969, and has since become a staple of children’s TV. Presently, with 53 seasons and counting, it is one of the longest-running shows in the world. SZA recently revealed that she has been on the set of Sesame Street and will be appearing on-screen with the muppets. While it is unknown when her episode will air, fans are definitely waiting in anticipation. Here are seven other R&B singers who have appeared on Sesame Street over the years.

Patti LaBelle

Without a doubt, Patti LaBelle is one of the greatest R&B singers to ever perform on Sesame Street. The powerhouse vocalist and Godmother of Soul has had multiple guest appearances on the show. In 1984, she made her debut appearance when she performed “Oh, How I Miss My X” on episode 2168 of the show. Subsequently, she appeared again in 1986, twice in 1990, and a handful of other times. However, arguably her most beloved showing was in 1999 when she performed “The Alphabet Song” with the muppets. With her unmistakable voice and dynamic performance style, LaBelle transformed the familiar tune into a soulful anthem.

Stevie Wonder 

Another legendary guest on Sesame Street, Stevie Wonder, is an inspiration to R&B singers everywhere. He made a guest appearance on episode 514, which aired on April 13, 1973. While it’s been over five decades since, Stevie’s appearance on the show is still etched in the memories of fans young and old. In the episode, he sings “123 Sesame Street,” teaches Grover how to sing, and performs his hit song, “Superstition.” Altogether, it was a delectable treat to experience the singer’s unparalleled talent on Sesame Street.

Jamie Foxx

Soon after winning his Academy Award for Best Actor in 2005, Jamie Foxx shared a screen with Elmo and the muppets. He is among a crop of super-talented R&B singers who have appeared on Sesame Street. However, he is also a very accomplished actor as well. His first appearance was in episode 4111, in which he sang the alphabet. Subsequently, he also appeared in the Sesame Street holiday special, Elmo’s Christmas Countdown. It aired on December 23, 2007, and Foxx performed a “Nutcracker” medley, which he wrote specifically for the special. 

Jill Scott

Three-time Grammy Award winner Jill Scott is a highly celebrated figure in R&B. She appeared on the children’s TV show in 2002, specifically in the first episode of season 33. Like the aforementioned R&B singers who appeared on Sesame Street, Jill Scott also gave a very memorable performance. While her time on the episode is relatively short, it is one of its highlights. Scott, joined by a chorus of muppets, beautifully sings “We Are All Earthlings.” Scott’s soulful rendition of the song resonated with viewers of all ages and continues to do so.

John Legend

John Legend’s first guest appearance on Sesame Street was in the premiere episode of season 37. On episode 4109, which aired on August 14, 2006, he sang “It Feels Good When You Sing a Song” with Hoots the Owl. Subsequently, he made another guest appearance on episode 4130, one of the later episodes of season 37. In that episode, he performed “Hello Little One.” Later, in February 2018, the singer returned to Sesame Street on episode 4814, where he performed “Come Together” with the muppets. Soon after, Legend achieved an EGOT, becoming one of the most accomplished R&B singers to ever appear on Sesame Street

Destiny’s Child 

Regarded as one of the greatest girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child’s appearance on Sesame Street was an iconic event. The Grammy-winning trio featured in episode 3984, performing “A New Way to Walk” with Grover, Elmo, and Zoe. It’s a fun rendition with a dance routine that encourages viewers to get up and move. Accordingly, the group’s infectious enthusiasm and catchy lyrics made the song an instant hit among fans.


Another icon among R&B singers, India.Arie, appeared on Sesame Street way back in 2005. The four-time Grammy winner was featured on episode 4100 of the children’s show, which aired on June 20, 2005. While it remains India.Arie’s sole appearance on the Sesame Street show to date is very memorable. The singer, backed up by Elmo, gave a soulful and lush performance of “The Alphabet Song.” India.Arie also has a short appearance in the Sesame Street direct-to-video release, Happy Healthy Monsters. In the home video, the singer performs “Jumping J.”

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