In the world of hip-hop and boxing, alliances and friendships are constantly evolving. A recent encounter between rapper Rick Ross and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has sparked intrigue, especially in the wake of Mayweather’s controversial defense of Diddy in the face of criticism from 50 Cent. The link up between Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather took place at a club in Miami on Wednesday, February 21, just hours after Mayweather’s appearance on The Pivot Podcast, where he addressed P. Diddy’s sexual assault allegations.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Ross and Mayweather were seen sharing a laugh, seemingly unfazed by the storm of controversy surrounding Mayweather’s comments. Earlier in the day, 50 Cent had taken to social media to criticize Mayweather for not condemning Diddy amidst the serious allegations. Mayweather’s response on The Pivot Podcast was unexpected, as he chose to stand by Diddy, emphasizing their shared identity as Black men. Mayweather said, “I’m not gonna speak bad about P. Diddy. ‘Cause he still a Black man. Mistakes happen. And I can’t say if it is or not a mistake, but things happen in life.”

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Rick Ross And Floyd Share A Moment

Moreover, in response to the criticism directed at him, Floyd Mayweather further clarified his stance, emphasizing that P. Diddy’s business is his own and not subject to public judgment. Mayweather asserted that it’s not his responsibility, or anyone else’s, to publicly condemn Diddy or criticize him on the internet. Especially during challenging times. He maintained a neutral position, stating that while he doesn’t endorse or agree with the alleged actions, he believes it’s not his place to intervene. Mayweather went on to express that even if similar circumstances involved his own daughter, he would be hurt but acknowledges it would be a result of her choices.

50 Cent, however, didn’t mince words in response to Mayweather’s comments, calling him “stupid” for his perspective. Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent questioned Mayweather’s intelligence, suggesting that the interview failed to address critical aspects. He criticized Mayweather for sounding like a hater and hinted at an impending revelation, teasing, “DIDDY DO IT ? COMING soon.” The exchange between Mayweather and 50 Cent adds an additional layer of tension and anticipation to an already heated and complex situation. What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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